bby Publications at UWA

When Head-Pollett Consultants and the University of West Alabama partnered in 2009 to form bby Publications at UWA, they set out on a journey to provide math professional development and supplemental materials to elementary schools throughout the country. Our well trained, highly regarded consulting staff has earned a national reputation for raising math test scores through a variety of training techniques. In addition, they have developed a unique approach to assisting schools/districts in drafting long term and short-range plans for curriculum alignment with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics that improve students’ basic skills and higher level thinking skills.

Our goal is to make learning math an interactive experience for both children and teachers by using visual models. We provide meaningful professional development opportunities for teachers to improve their knowledge of content and their teaching strategies. Our work with teachers and administrators in implementing their plans has been a crucial element in our customers’ success and our popularity. Call us and let us explain how we can design a plan for your school through K-6 whole staff professional development, individual teacher consultations, model teaching, and much more.

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